There are quite a few new additions on the horizon for Heroes of the Storm, and Blizzard has been gracious enough to pack them all into a single reveal trailer. While all of it is still in development with no firm release date, the trailer showcases two new heroes, seven new skins, and 5 new mounts headed to the MOBA.

Gul’dan, of Warcraft fame, will bring all his evil magic to bare in the Nexus. Even if you’re new to Warcraft, it’s hard not to recognize the orc. He’s featured prominently during the current Warlords of Daenor expansion for World of Warcraft, and is one of the major players in the Warcraft film.

Auriel on the other hand might not be as immediately recognizable. She is the Angel of Hope in the Diablo universe, serving on the Angiris Council beside Tyreal. Though only shown briefly, she plays a pivotal roll in repelling Diablo’s attack on Heaven in Diablo 3. With Auriel captured, the angels begin to lose hope. It’s then left to the players to rescue her so she can lead the charge back against the demons during the forth act of the game.

The trailer also shows off the master skins for both characters, along with an additional skin each. Like Heroes of the Storm’s Tyreal, Auriel will also a have demonic skin.

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