Since Competitive Play came to Overwatch late last month, a pesky bug has plagued players trying to advance their Skill Rating. After identifying the bug however, Blizzard has already instituted a fix.

“We uncovered a bug that is causing skill rating to not be adjusted properly in our Control Maps (Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Ilios). This bug is a top priority right now and we’re hoping to have a fix ASAP,” Game Director Jeff Kaplan explained on the Overwatch forums.

Competitive Play sees players move up and down in Skill Rating as they win or lose games. When winning a match on one of the game’s Control Maps, players would see a far smaller increase in Skill Rating than if they had won on any of the other maps.

Not long after however, it appears the problem has been dealt with. “Last week, several players reported that wins and losses on Control maps (Ilios, Lijiang Tower, and Nepal) during Competitive Play were not correctly influencing Skill Ratings,” Community Manager Lylirra says in a separate announcement.

“The exact problem causing this to happen was identified early this morning, and we were able to develop a fix shortly after. That fix has now been implemented on PC and Xbox One in all gameplay regions (and will be in place when Competitive Play goes live on PlayStation 4).”

In other Overwatch news, Kaplan admitted the team is looking at the hero Zenyatta as a likely candidate for upcoming balance changes. For all your Overwatch news, keep checking back right here on Gamespresso.

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