The first official gameplay trailer for Prey has been released. Bethesda along with Arkane Studios released the trailer to kick off this year’s QuakeCon. While the last trailer showed us the overall design and tone of the game, this trailer highlights the game’s eerie sci-fi setting and combat along with the mysterious creatures that players will face in the game.

Along with this trailer, Arkane Studios has also released screenshots to further show off the game’s horrifying environments and character designs.

The reboot of Prey was announced at this Year’s E3 Press Conference. The game follows the story of Morgan Yu how is stranded on a space station infested with monstrous creatures shrouded in darkness. Players will also have the option of choosing the gender of the main character.

Arkane Studios have stated that the game has no ties with the original game, and that they are looking to re-imagine the IP. The company describes the game as a hybrid, the narrative blended with action, and “elements of RPG sprinkled in”. They also plan to give players a variety of options that will allow them to play the game in multiple ways.

Prey is set to launch in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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