Ubisoft has finally announced that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is back in production. Following a tease from creator Michel Ancel on Wednesday, Ubisoft officially confirmed that the long-awaited game was in the works at the publisher’s Montpellier studio via the official Beyond Good & Evil Facebook page.

The confirmation comes more 8 years after the sequel to the original cult classic was announced back in May of 2008. The game remained in pre-production status until 2010, when the publisher announced that the game was officially on hold.

Still, fans remained optimistic that Beyond Good & Evil 2 would see the light of day, as conflicting reports and occasional signs of the game’s existence continued to surface. Most notably, Ancel himself claimed that the game was still on the table as recently as January.

While this announcement should put fans at ease, few details exist about the game itself. Hopefully this announcement means we’ll soon have more answers about the sequel, such as whether the game will be exclusive to the Nintendo NX as previous rumors have suggested.

PC gamers unfamiliar with series will soon have a great opportunity to get up to speed, as the original Beyond Good & Evil will be available as this month’s free Uplay game beginning October 12.

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