Conan Exiles is shaping up to be the next big title in the open-world survival genre. It is currently under development at Funcom, with Early Access due to hit Steam in January 2017. The latest trailer focuses on the first of the games three main tags, Survive. We can expect the next two, Build and Dominate, to feature in their own informative teasers.

The trailer shows us some nice gameplay footage, describes to us some of the vicious enemies we will face, and gives us a behind the scenes glimpse into the developer’s studio, including comments from the Lead Designer and Creative Director.

With the main focus of this trailer being the survival aspect of Conan Exiles, it shows the importance of building a base, the danger that the barren environment can pose to our character, and also tells a little about the use of “Thralls,” which are in essence slaves. Using the “Wheel of Pain” you can break the will of captured NPC’s and use them to help you in various tasks. Blacksmiths can craft special objects, workers can defend your home, and dancers can help cure corruption of the mind. Corruption of the mind is also something that will have to be fought against. As you travel to the darker areas of Hyboria, the proper precautions must be taken, unless madness will set in for your character, and all your hard work will be lost.

Following on from the dramatic launch trailer, and the live gameplay stream, the Survive trailer once again paints a picture of the vast and dangerous world that you will inhabit in Conan Exiles. With the Early Access launch set for January 31st for PC and the Xbox One Game Preview due in Spring 2017, we will look forward to more announcements regarding the game.

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