Rockstar Games is consistently expanding its hugely popular GTA Online with new events, vehicles, discounts and missions. The latest in the line of this free DLC is a big one. The Import/Export update allows players to get deeply involved in the dubious activity of the stolen vehicle trade.

This is not however, just a mere case of finding a car on a list and delivering it to a back street garage. This time, Rockstar Games has expanded the CEO section of gameplay, introduced in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, to include a black market for high end vehicles. Using your Executive Offices, which have received a face-lift, you can plan robberies from simple car-jacking’s, right up to surveillance operations involving stolen police helicopters.

The cleaner an operation can be executed, the greater the reward. You can now store up to 60 vehicles in the new Executive Garages, and you will be able to sell your “merchandise” via the Ad-Hawk Autos website. Your illicit motors can be sold to private buyers or even to Vehicle Showrooms and Specialist Dealers. Bear in mind that Dealerships will only pay top price for rare and modded motors, but the extra expenditure is bound to reap extra income.

The further you delve into the world of Import/Export, the bigger the pay-off. Special Missions are waiting to be unlocked; co-op missions that if completed successfully will unlock the ability to purchase 8 special vehicles. Each of these vehicles, once purchased, then go to unlock new VIP work.

The new update certainly adds plenty of extra content, and it doesn’t even stop there. A new Adversary Mode named Turf Wars is included. 2-4 teams of players get behind the wheel of a speedy car and attempt to drive over colored tiles and claim them for your team. The added twist of strategically placed Rocket Launchers is sure to spice things up somewhat. There is also new Character Appearance changes, added content for the Directors Mode including discounts on Warstock items, and 25% off the high end SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon Helicopters. You can check out the full list of Special Vehicles and discounts here.

GTA Online Import/Export

The Import/Export Update is a wide reaching and exciting addition to the already vast world of GTA Online. It will bring plenty of hilarious and deadly moments for participants, and will keep players very busy over the festive period, and probably well into the New Year too.

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