A batch of Nintendo patents hint at the fact that the Switch may support virtual reality play.

NeoGAF user Rösti (via IGN) spotted an accessory that is referred to as an HMD (head mounted display) in a recently released set of patents. It seems to work like Samsung’s smartphone VR headset, as the Switch will be placed into a headset. The patent also indicates that players will be able to use the Switch’s Joycon controllers while using the headset. The patent notes also state that in the Switch’s current embodiment, it will use acceleration and angular velocity sensors to perform head tracking. However, the console itself may not have these sensors, which means that the headset itself will perform the tracking.

The patents were published on December 15th, though they were filed on June 10th. Of course, as with all patents, these are just ideas, and it is not guaranteed that the accessory shown will actually be released.

Today it was confirmed that some My Nintendo users may be able to try out Nintendo’s upcoming console before it releases next year. Certain My Nintendo members have received emails requesting them to sign up for tickets to a Switch preview event. Nintendo explains that the event is being held to give fans a chance to play the console before it releases, and to put together competitions in surprising settings. Tour locations for the preview event include New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the events taking place between January and March.

The Nintendo Switch is set to release in March of 2017.

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