Watch Dogs 2 was released last month for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It has been met with positive reviews praising its ability and encouragement of exploration, as well as its witty charm and humor. With a game that is completely based around technology, it only makes sense for Ubisoft to keep updates coming as much as possible. The latest brings a number of new content.

Have you experienced a moment in a game and just wish you could do it all over again? Watch Dogs 2 has now given players the ability to replay any mission from the Main Operation. Maybe next time, you’ll be able to do it quicker and smoother. Another new feature added to Watch Dogs 2 is the ability to see your Hacker Level, which can be found on Marcus’ phone. With this, you can also see the Hacker Level of other profiles, allowing you to see just how you match up to your friends.

Enemies in Watch Dogs 2 have some fancy weapons at their disposal, but we all know DedSec is fancier. Now all the enemy weapons are available to create on the 3D printer. Of course, each one will come at a certain price. While these are new main features from the latest update, there is a lot more, so check out the full notes on the official website.

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