Microsoft had something big up their sleeves for E3 2015. Coming later today for preview members, and this holiday season for everyone else, your Xbox 360 games will start working on the Xbox One.

Wait, what?

That’s right – just pop in a physical disc into your Xbox One, and you’ll be prompted to download a copy of the game to your console. Now, you’ll still need your physical disc in order to play it – and only some games have been approved so far.

But, as far as that all goes, apparently developers just have to confirm what games they want you to be able to play on the Xbox One again. Over 100 titles will be available by this holiday, and more will be released in the future. Thats not all, though – Xbox Live Arcade Games will also be making their way over to your Xbox One.

For a list of titles that will be available later today for preview members, check out Xbox’s official release.

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