You can’t escape politics no matter where you look, it’s affects our every day living. For some, it doesn’t affect them, but for many it is pivotal for many agendas. Such is the case for the Video Game Voters Network who has been pushing the political side of gaming. With the votes coming up for North America, the VGVN is pushing the necessity to educate gamers on not just the need to vote but on what sort of issues politics can affect.

In the past, the VGVN has pushed several agendas including the misinterpereted negative connotations violent video games have on society, cloud taxing and more recently, the importance of eSports. By pushing these agendas, the group hopes to have society finally acknowledge video gaming as a culture that should be taken seriously.

The VGVN is sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association, one of the leading companies that represents video gaming on a global scale. They own and operate E3; which is where Reed Albers, the Senior Manager for the ESA voiced his reminder to Americans about the upcoming vote and the VGVN:

“As the tech industry and video games innovate and find new ways to deliver content … the government will always be a little slow to catch up with it… we’ve seen the rush to blame video games … the fact that it comes up is just a distraction from the real issues … it’s asinine for someone to get on television, or radio, or the Internet and just screech about how video games are the reason for all the violence in the world.”

Whatever your preferences are in the upcoming votes, keep in mind that your votes will matter, if you need a reminder, remember Brexit. For more information on the VGVN, you can check on their site here or read their quick infomercial below.


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