Project EvE

Project EvE by ATAT Tech sounds amazing

While it seems like the world of virtual reality is something that many game developers are investing in for the future, some feel there is another reality to set their sights on. In this case, I am talking abo... Read More...

Gearbox shows off Borderlands 3 tech demo at GDC

Gearbox, the brilliant minds behind the Borderlands series have upped their game at this year's Game Developer Conference, showing off some of the technical changes they're making in Borderlands 3 versus its predecessors. Read More...
Overwatch Orisa

Overwatch welcomes new hero, Orisa

After weeks of teasing, Blizzard has revealed the newest character for the Overwatch roster. Built by the previously introduced 11-year old genius Efi, Orisa is a robotic tank that focuses on protecting allies. Live now on the Overwatch PTR, Orisa is meant ... Read More...

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